Some of our candidates’ testimonies

STELLA MEDICA’s candidates tell you about their experience

I have known Stella Medica since 2012. They first helped me with my permanent-contract job search. I have chosen to act as stand-in for some time now and Stella Medica was very effective in finding me short-term cover missions, both in France and in French overseas territories. If I remain faithful to Stella Medica, it is of course for their efficiency, but also because I especially like their very human management of candidates: they really listen to them, allowing them to know them better and build trusting relationships.

Dr Hubert S, Rheumatologist, Paris, France

I have been using Stella’s services for a few years now. They have always performed their duties so I can act as stand-in whenever I want or can. It is not always easy since I am available only when I have holidays from the hospital I work in in Austria. I am particularly satisfied with their communication. Stella is always available for me even during bank holidays. It is important for me, especially because we have to quickly book flights between Berlin and Paris and from Paris to French overseas territories.

Dr Antoni K anesthetist, Austria

I was looking for an executive job and I have recently found, thanks to Stella Medica, an executive assistant one, which is a new long-term position in the company. As a candidate, I really appreciated Mrs LABADIE’s approach: very humane, dynamic and professional. She took the time to explain what the job consisted in and to understand the candidate’s expectations. She does not hesitate to reassure the candidate on their potential, qualities and help them in their preparation for the job interview, while remaining very objective. I warmly recommend this recruitment agency.

Helene F Executive assistant, Seine et Marne, France

I would like to thank Mrs LABADIE, health recruitment consultant, for her professionalism and availability.

STELLA MEDICA, through their consultants, offered me interesting work opportunities, with transparency and efficiency.

Dr IA, Ile de France, France

Excellent recruitment agency, very pleasant consultant, very good reactivity

Dr Marjolaine B, Doctor of functional rehabilitation, Paris, France