Recruitment is our core business

STELLA MEDICA is a long-standing player in the recruitment and head-hunting in the medical environment.

Personalized recruitment

STELLA MEDICA is committed to build long-term partnerships with the facilities which entrust it with their recruitment procedures

In this specific environment, STELLA MEDICA advises its customers to give them the best possible odds during a recruitment, in particular as to the best way to receive candidates or in the pursuance of the recruitment process.

By its knowledge of the medical world, its tools and networks, STELLA MEDICA, enables you to more easily find the right person with right profile and skills for the job position you are offering.

STELLA MEDICA is more of a headhunter than a regular recruitment agency when it comes to selecting candidates. In practice, this is translated by a personalized follow-up of each candidate.

STELLA MEDICA therefore enables candidates to adopt a comprehensive approach to job research, by presenting them various options when they wish to change jobs or when an interesting opportunity comes up.

This approach allows to match candidates’ wishes with available job offers.

This method, more time-consuming than ‘CV reception’-style recruitment, allows for a better success rate in the missions we have been entrusted with. Most of the time, both facilities and candidates are winners.



Our online job advertisements

Stella Medica offers positions as doctor or paramedic in regular or rehabilitation facilities, in practices or retirement homes.

Stand-in or permanent positions, installations, all opportunities are possible.

To apply to opportunities in France or French overseas territories, you should be registered with the French medical association.


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