Our values


STELLA MEDICA strives to take each candidate’s differences into account and considers each case as unique.


STELLA MEDICA was built by cooperating with freelance practitioners (doctors, surgeons) as well as salaried ones or those living in rural areas.

STELLA MEDICA continues to develop with due regard to each stakeholder’s role: patients, doctors, health and social authorities, and economic partners.

STELLA MEDICA is mindful both of managers’ and candidates’ expectations, even beyond any ongoing recruitment procedure.


STELLA MEDICA follows numerous candidates for many years and supports them throughout their career.

STELLA MEDICA strives to guarantee equal access to positions for both men and women as well as for disabled people.

STELLA MEDICA is committed to respect complete information confidentiality.

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Stella Medica offers positions as doctor or paramedic in regular or rehabilitation facilities, in practices or retirement homes.

Stand-in or permanent positions, installations, all opportunities are possible.

To apply to opportunities in France or French overseas territories, you should be registered with the French medical association.


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