A long history together

STELLA MEDICA has been supporting health-care facilities as well as candidates for many years now.

From 1998 to 2004, Christel Labadie, STELLA MEDICA’s current manager, was already collaborating with the mains medical recruitment agencies in France located in central Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine.
Since 2005, STELLA MEDICA has been helping candidates and health-care facilities to meet.

STELLA MEDICA was created in 2005, on Route de l’Empereur, Rueil-Malmaison, France.
In 2006, STELLA MEDICA started recruiting freelance doctors in private hospitals, mainly anesthetists and surgeons (urologists, gynecologists, etc.) working in full hospitalization.
In 2007, STELLA MEDICA started recruiting for day hospitals and for short stay hospitalization units (UHCD).
Cross-functional missions: recruitments for the Agency for Cancer Prevention (ADECA), Prévia in Nantes, in vocational rehabilitation, Progress Santé for private higher education institutions in the health sector and for hospitals abroad (FV hospital in Ho Chi Minh City).
In 2008, first recruitment of doctors, paramedics such as physiotherapists, speech therapists, functional re-education doctors as well as Directors, quality control managers, HR managers…) in functional re-education and rehabilitation centers.
Recruitment of entire teams of about 50 people as part of the opening of several rehabilitation centers (CRF) and private hospitals (CRF Champs Elysées in Évry, Clinique du Grand Stade in St Denis, Clinique de Montévrain and of Champigny, Clinique of Pont de Gien…).
In 2009, collaboration with another consultant specialized in new information technologies.
Rewriting of our recruitment contracts.
Visit of Spanish universities in Madrid in order to have interviews with physiotherapists.
In 2010, recruitments of salaried and surgical ophthalmologists and orthoptists in national networks such as Point Vision.
In 2011, recruitments for national groups of private hospitals (Ramsay-Générale de Santé, Orpéa Clinéa, LNA santé, famille et cité…)
In 2012, recruitment in all kind of specialties in French overseas territories (hospitals and medico-social facilities in the French West Indies, Indian Ocean, New Caledonia, etc.)
In 2013, recruitments in the medico-social and alternative sectors (home care nursing services (SSIAD), retirement homes (EHPAD)).
Use of personality tests at work, stress and emotions management in long-term contracts staff recruitments.
In 2014, attendance of ARACT (France’s National Agency for Improved Working Conditions) workshops on the “contract of generation” (French legal provisions).
In 2015, recruitments for various facilities outside Paris, and particularly, beginning of our recruitments in association with rural towns authorities (posting of ophthalmologists in villages with less than 1000 inhabitants).
In 2016, recruitment of nutritionists, oncologists and geriatricians.
Development of our recruitments in foundations and not-for-profit organizations such as Groupe SOS, Cognacq-Jay and USSIF, compagnie de Jésus, partage et vie…
Research of doctors for Philippe Fontana’s documentary « Venus d’ailleurs » broadcasted on ARTE for International Women’s Day.
In 2017, recruitments of hospital pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants
Partnership with the EFOM, school of physiotherapists.
Resumption of activities of GH Médical and Multi Services Santé which had stopped because of people retiring or being sick.
Revision of our web site https://www.stella-medica.fr



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Stella Medica offers positions as doctor or paramedic in regular or rehabilitation facilities, in practices or retirement homes.

Stand-in or permanent positions, installations, all opportunities are possible.

To apply to opportunities in France or French overseas territories, you should be registered with the French medical association.


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