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We are medical talents finders

Specialized in the recruitment of specialist doctors and medical staff, Stella Medica aims at building long-term relationships based on efficiency and support with all its partners, people managing their careers and health-care facilities. Stella Medica brings its own analysis of careers and sectors, from the deciphering of social, political and economic realities of the moment, to the service of personal or development projects.

The consultancy

Counseling and training

Stella Medica advises health-care facilities on development strategies, in particular regarding human resources.
Stella Medica also advises people, in order to help them build their professional project or find the trainings which will allow them to progress.


Counseling and training

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Stella Medica offers positions as doctor or paramedic in regular or rehabilitation facilities, in practices or retirement homes.

Stand-in or permanent positions, installations, all opportunities are possible.

To apply to opportunities in France or French overseas territories, you should be registered with the French medical association.


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I have known Stella Medica since 2012. They first helped me with my permanent-contract job search. I have chosen to act as stand-in for some time now…

Dr Hubert S, Rheumatologist, Paris, France